It’s a dismal time and spirits continue to sink to new lows. After yesterday, and the second missed Return, there’s talk of how they’re not coming back. Although some, including Commander Freemont, won’t allow such words to be spoken in the open.
Rations are desperately low. When will we begin to turn on each other? Some say it’s not inevitable. But, I know what the loss of hope tends to do to the psyche of men. It seems a foregone conclusion, at least at some point, that man will revolt against rationality.
No matter what some say, I fear there won’t be any more Returns. We haven’t been forgotten. Not yet, at least. It’s more likely something happened that was beyond man’s control. But, if my worst fears are true, then time will move forward … and time has a way of making men forget.

We were simple navigators looking to guide the future of mankind. And now … what are we?